All who enter should feel welcome.

How else can we start to bridge the gaps that divide us?

It does not matter where you’ve come from.  You are here.
Perhaps, sometime, you will feel comfortable and share. 
Now, we better get to work!

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said we need to “Build Back Better.”  This a place to start. 


Because our nation is in crisis. 

We need to accommodate everyone so we can work our way out of our crises and gain some sense of comfort and hope about the future. 

Cory Booker said, “We brought this hell upon ourselves.” 
It is up to us to dig our way out and dream (again) of things that never were (but could be).

We have to build one block at a time, as with anything in the real world. This site is a place to share and discuss our situations and help each other form our own building blocks.


Because we’re America and we know we can do better.


Because we’re in this together.

Site with purpose. 

We are here to discuss the government, whether it has or has not lost its focus on our vision of equality, and whether it has or has not lost its connection with the voters and with “The People” as a whole. 

For example, some voters might want money from the budget spent on one thing.  Other voters might want the same money spent on something else.  Large donors might have their own agendas.  And, yet, they are all people and what’s good for The People is likely to be good for each of us. Such foundational things as clean air, fresh water, uninterrupted electricity, and a sustainable earth are necessities common to all humans, equally.

We are here to discuss those needs, how to attain them for everybody, and the government’s role in that process. Examples:

Whether government should ensure, as a last resort, that each person has the basic necessities for human life in the developed economy of the 21st century United States.

Whether the government should do that, and more, through contracts and incentives, starting projects too immense for the private sector to begin (such as launching humans into space to race to the moon) which may have commercial applications (such as landing humans on Mars), or direct payments (as the government has been doing during our war on Covid-19).

Expect to delve into details as, someone once said, “God is in the details.”  Here, on this site, it is ok to support your positions with footnotes. 

Expect your comments to be thrown into the trash if the Moderator(s), in their sole discretion, do not find credible support for them – so it is better to provide links to supporting reference material than to leave your comments open to being trashed.

Not this site.

This site is not the Village Square where anyone can pull up a soapbox and say whatever they want. This is not Facebook, Twitter, or any other far-reaching social networking site. 

This is not a place where “Free Speech” means unbridled speech. 

Administrators and Moderators

This is a place where speech and other forms of expression are encouraged while those same words and expressions may be trashed by the Moderator(s) if, in their sole discretion, those words and expressions appear to be wielded as weapons of intimidation or other harm.

At the moment, until this site grows so large there are more site administrators and post moderators, the Administrator and the Moderator are me.  If you have concerns about something you see on this site, send me an email: Steven@BuildBetter.club

Once again, my goal is to help you feel welcome. 

I’ve heard it said that “Strong guardrails keep us on track.” 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will consider joining and posting with us.

Steven Blumrosen

www.BuildBetter.club (that’s .club, not .com or some other domain)